Introduction to Solo Show Performance

With Phoebe Nir


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introduction to solo show performance


Monday, December 21


11:00 am to

1:00 pm

Phoebe Nir: 

Phoebe Nir's play, "ECO VILLAGE", had a critically acclaimed production off-Broadway in 2019.  She was received at the White House by Barack Obama as a Presidential Scholar of the Arts in Writing and was nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize for excellence in short fiction. Her pop/rock EPs "Side Hustle" and "Red Tape Nation" were released by True Groove Records. She holds a BA from Brown University in Writing for Performance, and an MA in Drama Therapy from NYU. She is currently practicing as a Creative Arts Therapist at The Actors Fund. Phoebe is delighted to be working with Miami New Drama!


About this event: 

In this 2-hour class in the introduction we are going to be learning about solo shows, which are theatrical performances featuring one actor, often sharing personal stories from their real lives. 

Have you ever played an embarrassing moment over and over again in your head, until you weren’t even sure you could remember what had happened? Or have you ever had an imaginary conversation with someone, maybe even a character from a tv show or a book, that could never happen in real life? Are there days, weeks, or even months, where an obsessive crush dominates your thoughts, and you can barely pay attention to the world around you? Nearly everyone has experienced these things, and yet, of the time, these parts of our lives remain silent and invisible. Because a solo show focuses intensively on one person’s experience, this form of art offers a great chance to explore our consciousness, perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and memories--- basically, the story that’s happening beneath the story.

 On this class, we’re going to have the chance to witness a few of the many, many ways that we can use theatrical techniques to highlight different aspects of a story. We’re going to hear true stories from our wonderful real-life participants, and watch as the magic of theater brings these stories to life.

Recommended for: Young artists between 13-18 years old with an interest in solo performance—including dancers, musicians, and visual artists—.

( With your assistance to this workshop you are automatically participating for winning a full scholarship for next year workshop)