November 19, 2020
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Miami New Drama is focused on providing outstanding educational services through free online MasterMiND master classes in English and Spanish. An archive of past classes can be found at New youth education programs are being formulated to launch in late 2020 and early 2021. A virtual pilot program took place in August 2020 in partnership with Limitless Health Institute for students ages 15-18 to ignite change in the world through creation and storytelling. Using theater techniques, these students were guided to develop their visions for the world. It was a safe and collaborative space for students to express their ideas, experiences, and perspectives on current events and social issues. Special guest artists, a drama therapist, and theatrical guide were all part of the program as well as Miami New Drama staff introducing the small group to many different and diverse professionals working in the arts.


Our new work commissions have not stopped. We are continuing to look to the future and currently have over 10 projects in different stages of development to premiere when the Colony Theatre can open in full force again. We are in the planning stages for unique events and Miami Beach activations that reimagine theatrical experience in this new COVID-19 world. The pandemic has greatly affected our revenue, but we are committed to bringing live theatre experiences back to our community in safe and creative ways. Theater is by nature resilient. For almost three millennia, it has existed in many forms morphing and being reinvented hundreds of times. It is now on us, the theater artists of the twenty-first century to reinvent it once more. Financial support is greatly needed for our organization to succeed in these new endeavors.