Paving Roads, Building Bridges

With Victoria Collado and Vanessa Garcia


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Victoria Collado and Vanessa Garcia


Thursday, October 8


11:00 am to

1:00 pm

Victoria Collado and Vanessa Garcia, writer and director of The Amparo Experience, the immersive hit that took Miami by storm, started a company called Abre Camino Collective. Abre Camino translates into "Opening Paths." Together, they will discuss what it means to truly collaborate and pave creative paths for yourself and others.



Abre Camino is a collective comprised of visual, theatre, literary, and performing artists redefining the American narrative through radical storytelling.


We believe that great storytelling is specific enough to be universal. That it transcends race, gender, class, and every other label out there. We believe that the power of story is to get as close to the hot red core of the human being as possible. Stir it, shift it, and change it when necessary.


We are committed to opening paths and creating new avenues for interdisciplinary collaboration.


Here’s to opening paths, Abriendo Camino


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